SHASN - The Political Strategy Board Game

Created by Zain Memon

An epic game of politics, ethics, and strategy for 3-5 players. Capture, gerrymander, and maybe even betray your morals to win.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

12 months ago – Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 10:19:40 PM

Heya backers!

We have locked the prices for our two brand new add ons - 

1. BREXIT 2020 CAMPAIGN: $15

After a decades long alliance, Britain is exiting the European Union. Explore the turbulent path ahead with 108 incisive Ideology Cards as Britain comes to terms with its new socio-economic reality.


A cutthroat, high-octane game board for 2-4 players. Settle down with your friends (or rivals) for a fast, fiery game and get politicking. (We’re still testing the board design and will share more details soon.)


To get these add ons, go to “manage your pledge”. It will take you to “reward selection”. If you have already backed the full game, simply increase your pledge by $15 if you want one of the two add-ons (Brexit 2020 Campaign/New Game Board), or by $30 if you want both. Once the campaign is over, we will communicate with you closely to ensure you get the add on(s) of your choice! 

Note - You can also add these items to your order after the SHASN Kickstarter Campaign is over, using our pledge manager. 

almost 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 05:04:32 AM

Hey there backers!

You wanted more, and we heard you loud and clear. We have some super exciting news to share! After our Kickstarter campaign ends, using our pledge manager, you can add 2 new game items to your box of SHASN! Here’s what we have for you:

 1. Brexit 2020 Campaign Deck!

With incisive questions about single currency economies, referendums and the fate of Britain, this Brexit campaign is here to ask all the questions you didn’t even know you had. 

 2. New Game Board

We have a whole new game board available, conducive to shorter, tighter gameplay, best suited for 3 players! Grab two friends and fight it out on a brand new battleground.



Necessity is the mother of innovation, and innovate we must. The Technocrat seizes opportunities to design a new world even where none exist. 

 Here’s your chance to Become The Technocrat! 

Post the weirdest newspaper headline you can find Facebook or Twitter, and tag us with @SHASNthegame and #SHASN. The funniest, strangest headline wins.  Entries will be scored on the basis of their humour and political relevance. (Please note that we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind.) 

We will be accepting entries until 11:59 PM EST, 15th August.  



Always ready to lend a helping hand to those who too downtrodden to ask for it, The Philanthropist is a true giver, a torch-bearer of generosity and charity, and the one to depend on in times of need.  

 Here’s your chance to Become The Philanthropist! 

You have $10,000,000,000 to spare. How would you spend this money?  

Be brave. Be whacky. Go where no Philanthropist has gone before. Tell us your plan on Facebook or Twitter and tag us with @SHASNthegame and #SHASN. How will you handle money and power? The most outrageous and the most creative plan wins. 

Entries will be scored on the basis of their ambition, humour and inventiveness (and NOT on the basis of feasibility). Please note that we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind. 

We will be accepting entries until 11:59 PM EST, 15th August. 


4 more days to go before our campaign ends! Do a friend a favour and drop them a link today. See you in the next update!      

about 1 year ago – Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 12:16:39 PM

Hi there backers, heroes, and generally all round splendid people! We are back with two really fun contests, where you can be the face of the Elites. 


Who says power can’t be bought? With deft maneuvering and vested interests, The Lobbyist can make just about anything happen. You just need to know how to position your interests.  

Here’s your chance to Become The Lobbyist!

Go to our social media. We have uploaded 5 images tagged with “Make Your Case!”. Recreate some iconic political lines and put forth your own case. Complete these quotes with your own words and write them in the comments/tweet your reply. The most compelling adaptation wins. Entries will be scored on the basis of their insight, humor, and political relevance. (Please note that we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind.)



We will be accepting entries until 11:59 PM EST, 12th August. 



A democracy is only as robust as the vigilance of its watchdogs. The Whistleblower leads from the frontlines in the unending quest to unmask evil. 

Here’s your chance to Become The Whistleblower!

Go to our social media. We have uploaded 12 images tagged with “Who’s This Politician?”. Each image indicates an ideological build. Which real world politicians do you think these combinations best represent? 

The player with the most apt or compelling answers across all these builds wins. Entries will be scored on the basis of their political acumen and accuracy. (Please note that we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind.)



We will be accepting entries until 11:59 PM EST, 12th August. 



Our combined efforts have unlocked a ton of new stretch goals over the past few days. Let’s take a look! 

1. Cost of Victory Cards

So, you’ve won. But at what cost? What does your reign look like and who have you become? A marriage of political horoscopes and stunning artwork, these Cost of Victory Cards have all the closure you need. Find the Cost of Victory Card corresponding to your primary and secondary ideology, and find out what your SHASN looks like.

2. Home Turfs Game Mode

It’s always nice to have a place you can call home. But the stakes just got a lot higher with this new modular game mode. Every zone will now have two unique, randomised powers every time you play. In-game scoring will now happen in 3 phases, in the intervals of 3 majorities being formed. At the end of both phases 1 and 2, the player with the most voters in any zone gets to keep and exercise that zonal power for the rest of the game. Mark your turf, and make sure you hold on to it. 

3. Collector’s Edition Rulebook 

The SHASN rulebook is no longer a plain set of guidelines, but now a prized possession - a closely guarded secret handed down by revolutionaries and political leaders over the centuries. You will find a whole host of advice, anecdotes and musings that will aid your political conquests. 

4. Scenario Book 

Put your SHASN skills to the test with this challenging mix of starting scenarios. Start the game in unique positions with eclectic layouts of voters, ideologies and conspiracies. How well can you adapt and thrive?

5. Ideologue Origins Graphic Novel

Travel back to the beginnings of The SHASN Ideologues and witness their climb to power with this riveting graphic novel. These titans weren’t always so. See their stories unfold in this visually stunning, plot-driven handbook. 



An important reminder - the ultimate prize is a race between two new game modes. It’s a showdown between two Ideologues and the first one to complete all their tasks will deliver a riveting, new gameplay experience. Who are you with?

The Capitalist - King of Capitol Hill

Don’t let your grudges dissipate with this continuous game mode. The winner of the first game is crowned The Incumbent and must also win the successive game to clinch the match. Includes 10 Incumbent Cards with massive powers and a tracker book to record your matches.

The Showman - Edge of Chaos

Walk the fine line between destruction and peace. All your actions in the game will either increase or decrease chaos in the world. If you reach the tipping point, democracy will crumble and anarchy will erupt. Learn to cooperate just enough with your opponents, so that there’s still a throne to fight for. 


Both Ideologues have reached the final milestone! The Capitalist now wants lots of high-value patrons whereas The Showman wants strength in numbers. Rally some support for your favorite game mode. Let’s do this!

about 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 12:18:44 PM

Over the past few days, we’ve had some really fun contests and so many of you have stepped up to the occasion with entries that have been delightful, hilarious, and thought-provoking in equal measure. Four of those contests are now over, and it’s time to meet the winners.

ELITE #2 - The Activist

Many campaign speeches were made. All of them almost made us take to the streets, but in the end, we were hard pressed to determine one winner:

Derek K. is now the face of The Activist!

Check out this incendiary speech. Now get out there and play every board game ever, because Derek makes a great point, and he makes it well!


ELITE #4 - The Dictator

The world better watch out, because somebody out there understands exactly how it works, and how to bend it to their will. 

Here's a copy of the 3 Step plan. Unfortunately, we couldn't link to the profile due to privacy settings.
Here's a copy of the 3 Step plan. Unfortunately, we couldn't link to the profile due to privacy settings.

Onaiza Drabu is now the face of The Dictator!

Nicely done, Onaiza. That seems a foolproof plan. Good thing you, er, put it out there. We should see it coming now... right?


ELITE #5 - The Provocateur

The last three days have been a non-stop laugh riot. So many captions were comedy gold, but one stood out in particular: 

 Bobby Pesto is now the face of The Provocateur!

This caption still cracks us up, and manages to be hilarious and insightful at the same time. Thank you, Bobby.


ELITE #7 - Wait, What?

Get ready for a special, clandestine opportunity to become a brand new Elite!

Mark your calendars for 8 PM EST on Tuesday, the 6th of August. We will be hosting a facebook live event on our page:

Be online as soon as the event begins. Instructions will be given to you on the spot and it’ll be a race to see who can finish the given tasks first. 

The winner gets to Become The Guerilla!

Fast, powerful, invisible - The Guerrilla moves against enemies swiftly and surely. Nothing says revolution like violence bathed in the ideals of liberty. 


Please note that the current Showman stretch goal has been unlocked! We now have unique Party Symbols on all Voter Pegs and Player Mats! The next goal will be updated in a few hours (owing to time zone differences - apologies).

PS - A special shoutout to Justin for helping unlock this one with another wonderful campaign speech! 👐🏻

See you next time!

about 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 12:18:38 PM

The last four days have been surreal. So many games of SHASN played at one of the world’s largest tabletop conventions. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and played our game, and gave us their invaluable attention and feedback. I’ve met so many wonderful people from the community the past few days - creators, backers, gamers. It’s been such an exciting time and I can’t wait to share it with you. We have some of the best moments from SHASN at Gen Con coming up soon as videos on our Instagram - stay tuned!


ELITE #6 - The Propagandist Contest Results!

Many brave souls took to social media to spread the good word of SHASN. We appreciate each one of you so much, but one person really knocked it out of the park.

Timm Schulze is now the face of The Propagandist!

Ending at a massive 36 points (5 retweets, 5 hearts, 3 comments from unique users), Timm has comfortably come out on top in this competition. Keep an eye on this propagandist (you may not have a choice). Check out his post here:

Please Note - We had trouble viewing some of the posts on facebook due to custom privacy settings. Please check the privacy settings of all facebook posts and entries for future contests, and ensure that they are “Shared with: Public”.


ELITE #8 - The Mafioso

Gen Con is over now, but we have another huge event on the horizon - The SHASN Invitational Tournament - Season 1 (only in India). 

In this cutthroat competition unfolding across 4 cities, players are competing for huge prizes - The Founders Edition box of SHASN, and the chance to become The Mafioso.

A political mastermind buried deep in the shadows, The Mafioso shapes the world without the world even realising it. With steady cash flows and undying respect, The Mafioso is a valuable friend to have but a terrifying enemy to make. 

The tournament final will happen on the 15th of August, after which the new face of The Mafioso will be announced. You can follow all the developments on our social media. 

The scope of this tournament is unfortunately limited only to India, owing to resource constraints. We would love to bring following seasons to the United States, and other parts of the world.


PS - I know I’ve been unresponsive for a few days. My hands have been very full, and I thank you for bearing with me. Now that I have some more time to breathe, you can expect to see me back in the comments very soon!