SHASN - The Political Strategy Board Game

Created by Zain Memon

An epic game of politics, ethics, and strategy for 3-5 players. Capture, gerrymander, and maybe even betray your morals to win.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

8 months ago – Fri, Dec 06, 2019 at 08:49:18 PM

Friends in Philadelphia!

Starting today, SHASN will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA, between 6th - 8th December.

Accompanying me is Soumik Lahiri, the groundbreaking visual designer of SHASN, who refined the chaos of politics into the aesthetic that all of you have appreciated. Come find us at Booth 3307, right across our friends from Lay Waste Games.

Don’t miss it, because we come bearing gifts! Backers of the game can drop by to get a limited edition promo card, and a special signed poster.

Do join us for an unimpeachably fun game of SHASN. See you there!

9 months ago – Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 02:30:50 AM

Hi Backers and Deck Builders!

Apart from betraying friends and seizing power, the most fun to be had in SHASN is through its diverse campaign decks. But why stop at just a few, when the SHASN engine can accommodate a whole universe of political arenas? Today, I’m happy to share the anatomy of a SHASN campaign. You can use this template to create your own decks, and bring SHASN alive in any socio-political world of your choosing. Go crazy!
You can find the deck balance sheet here:

Every answer yields 3 resources. 2 have already been allotted for every answer as per Ideology. Take the remaining two resources for each Ideology Question and assign the most relevant one on each side. Ensure that there is an overall balance in the deck’s resource distribution. In case you need to refer to the Ideologues, here’s a refresher:

1. The Capitalist represents business interests, industry over individual, supports growth, and progress at all costs.

2. The Supremo uses identity to divide and rule. There is always an enemy, and what is pure must be protected.

3. The Showman is outrageous, hilarious, and impossible to ignore. How’s it matter what you say as long as you’re relevant?

4. The Idealist pursues a free and fair world for all. If the status quo must be destroyed in the pursuit of justice, so be it.

We’re also delighted to share an unofficial SHASN drinking game, made by one of our enterprising backers - Sarang Sheth. It’s hilarious, a lot of fun, and may inspire you to make your own. A fair warning though - don’t drink and policy in real life.
You can find the game here:

We hope to create a platform of SHASN creators, who can build decks on topics they find relevant. I’m really excited to experience the decks you all come up with!

It must be noted that creators of custom decks are not authorised to sell the decks as SHASN add ons.

While we had previously mentioned that we would be locking orders on 1st December and charging cards on the 3rd, please note that we are now pushing this to a later date. Apologies for the premature information - after better understanding the standard BackerKit procedure, we have decided to charge much closer to shipping.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for the suggestions on our rulebook. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we have taken the rulebook offline, while we go back to the drawing board with it.

Have fun deck building, and as always, see you in the next update!

9 months ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 09:09:12 PM

Hi gamers and lawmakers!

Modern politics may be without rules, but fortunately SHASN isn't. We have a draft of the SHASN rulebook with us, and now we need your help. We've put this in-progress rulebook on a collaborative Google Document. You can find it here:

Please go through this rulebook and share your thoughts with us! You can add comments on the rulebook document to help us identify problem areas and formulate solutions.

From structure to rule clarity and comprehension, do give this rulebook your closest inspection. Please also feel free to share this with fellow gamers, as the more scrutiny we put the rulebook under, the clearer it will be. We will address all comments right away, so that together we may streamline one of the occasionally tedious parts of board gaming - learning the damn game.



The pledge manager for SHASN is closing on 1st December at 11:00 AM EST. Please make sure you finalise your order by this time, as after this date, you will not be able to make any changes. The payment for your order will be deducted on 3rd December.

We’re looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the rulebook. Until then, see you in the next update!

SHASN Is Coming To PAX Unplugged
9 months ago – Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 01:23:20 AM

Hi Backers!

I’m so happy to share that SHASN will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia this year, between 6th - 8th December. And this time, I have a passport that I promise to keep safe. Coming with me is the genius visual designer behind the game - Soumik Lahiri! We’re looking forward to meeting all of you there! Drop by Booth 3301, right across from our friends at Lay Waste Games, and we can discuss everything from Brexit to dictators to possible impeachments over a game of SHASN.

On that note, we’re looking to bring on a couple of people to help us run our booth at PAX. You’ll help Soumik and I setup the booth and run it - and have a kickass time introducing SHASN to new players. Rest assured, we will compensate you fairly, so please drop me a direct message if you’re interested, or know somebody who is!


A general progress update: we’re well on track and on schedule. Most of the additional SHASN content has been designed and tested. This handy chart outlines exactly where things stand:

Thanks for your continued support, and as always, we’ll see you in the next update!

10 months ago – Sun, Oct 20, 2019 at 02:02:19 AM

The Social Impact Award at IndieCade Europe, To Be Precise

With every single one of our 540 Ideology Cards, we have tried to put a finger on the most urgent problems of our world. Our greatest ambition has been to catalyse conversations that steer us towards change. Thank you IndieCade Europe, for this recognition - it’s a real honor.


In other convention news, SHASN is going to be at SPIEL ’19 in Essen! Find us in Hall 1 - Booth 1D129 from 24th-27th October!

I was super excited to be there, in the nice, shiny stall we have all to ourselves. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it there in person. It’s a long story about an eventful day in San Francisco, culminating with the mysterious disappearance of my passport…

I lost it. It was me. Yep, it hurts.

However, if you can make it there and want to help manage the SHASN booth and demo the game, please drop me a message! You will receive fair compensation and my eternal gratitude. After all, the game must go on.

Auf Wiedersehen!